Martial Arts

Welcome to Koryo Martial Arts, Sydney CBD


We are located at on Level 1 36 York Street Sydney CBD, with classes running Tuesdays and Thursdays lunchtimes for adults.  


Our Master Instructor Benjamin Silaphet is specialised in:

  • Adult Taekwondo

  • Traditaion Taekwondo and self defence

  • Sports and Olympic Taekwondo sparring

  • Real life and women's self defence

  • Sword sparring, sword technqiues and sword sparring

  • Muay Lao kick boxing

  • Jujitsu and MMA



Please see our timetable below for classes offered.



Our most popular all round program, incorporating tradition, sports and sparring.


Intense work outs for all fitness levels and all fitness goals. 

Kick Boxing

Just want to fight and get fit?  No testing, no rank systems, just kick boxing and MMA.


Apply your techniques and skills under pressure and confrontation, with full contact sparring


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Is your favourite class FULL?

We do get busy during the year, but we always make room for new friends!

Simply drop by and say hi to our friendly Instructor


“One of the best places to train. Great instructors and friendly environment. A variety of styles and innovative training methods"

- Jasmine Choong -



Master Instructor


Level 1, 36 York Street

Sydney NSW 2000


0401 73 13 13


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