From Yellow Belt to Black Belt... Girls Can!

As a woman, it is so easy to feel awkward, self conscious, and find so many excuses why you can't. Martial Arts can also be a bit intimidating for girls and women... you do put yourself out there. Your first kicks can be a bit un-co, you do sweat a bit, and you do come out of class looking like you have spent a week in the forest without any luggage .... it is a challenge both on a physical level, but also an emotional and psychological level.

But we girls love a challenge..... we love to challenge ourselves to see how far we can go.

At Koryo Martial Arts, we are proud to be a female friendly school. We have a wonderful safe, easy, kind, and approachable environment. Our instructors make you can feel comfortable being yourself when starting out, when you make mistakes, when you feel a bit silly, when we take you outside your comfort zone.

In fact we have female students of all fitness levels and ages. We have little kindy girls, we have high school girls, we have mums, and we have grandmums too ! They have broken boards, broken tiles, they have done jumping kicks, technical self defense, and even achieved black belts with pride.

But be assured, you will achieve amazing things. So here's some proof of what our girls have achieved. From kindy kids to our most recent second degree Black Belts.

Still don't believe us? Come try us out for free, with no obligations for entire week. All classes, all locations and all programs are open to you to try out for an entire week.

Contact us today !

Speak to Master Ben on 0401 73 13 13

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