Scared of the Best Feeling in the World?

Its small, flat, squarish, an orangey colour, a bit cool, a bit hard, its not alive ! It doesn't hit or bite... yet looking down at it, with all eyes on you... it's the scariest thing in the world.

Break a tile and conquer the world.... it is the best feeling in the world !

It takes you a few years to get there, with plenty of training, plenty of preparation and plenty of guidance by our Master Instructors. But you're there - Black Belt grading !

It is tough!

- There are boards to break ... no sweat, you have broken plenty along the way at your past gradings

- You have to fight two on one and one on one... pffftt you've been sparring since white belt

- You are to demonstrate all your poomse, self defence and sparring techniques.... close your eyes and breath, before you know it the years of reflexes have taken you through every step with power and accuracy.

- The 9th Dan Grand Master is watching and judging your every move... "Hi Mr Lee!" Grand Master Sung Soo Lee has attended and guided you in every grading since your Yellow Belt.

Yes it's tough but you have done all of it before plenty of times, and you are more than ready!

With Koryo Martial Arts we don't hold you back, we challenge you since white belt and you will achieve amazing things. But imagine this.... if you can break a tile or two, if you can achieve this, you can achieve anything... what's a little HSC test? Uni degree? Dream job? You are set and you have an edge.... you have powered through a tile and won !

Are you next?

Click on the images below to enlarge and then come for a week's free training trial... see you in class !

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