You've earned the Black

In school you learn about the world, in martial arts you learn about yourself....

What do you learn?

There are no limits..... great achievements take time, commitment, courage, wisdom and integrity...

Great achievements create confidence, a greater view of the world, and a deeper understanding of the importance and the value of the whole journey, not just the outcomes.

One Great Achievement, leads to another... they create a drive within us that sees limits as challenges to overcome, and the knowledge to overcome them...

Martial Arts is not just about kicking or punching or getting that next belt... its a journey of self creation and what you create is in your hands...

If you can break a tile with commitment, courage, wisdom and integrity.... what else can you achieve?

Meet our new Black Belts for 2017

Second Degree Black Belt - Vanja

First Degree Black Belts - Karen, Amelie and Elana

Provisional Black Belt - Gail and Nikola


you HAVE earned it ...

#BlackBelt #Highlights #Grading

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