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Our Story

In June 2007 we took the plunge.... and started Koryo Martial Arts.

Our martial arts training started as kids, back in the late 80's, when we all trained on concrete, with no protective equipment, no shoes and just a uniform and belt.   To get to class we rode our bikes from Bonnyrigg to Cabramatta after school, then rode back home after training.  How far have we come in the last 30 years?!

So we are proud to introduce a school founded on traditional martial arts values, that retains some of the old traditional training techniques and incorporates them into modern, safe and effective environment.  Gone are the concrete floors!  All our locations have mat covered floors but still no shoes on the mats!  We continue to train in full contact sparring, but we use the latest protective equipment available.   We continue to break boards and tiles... because it teachers confidence and because its a lot of fun, but we also use different level practice boards now available to get your ready for your big moment.   

We started Koryo Martial Arts because we love what we do, and we love sharing this with our students.  We know martial arts gives all students an edge like nothing else.   Whether its to learn self defense, get fit, make new friends or learn something new, at Koryo Martial Arts you receive a friendly, safe, fun environment where you achieve amazing things, that some times even surprise us!  We know this because we have achieve it ourselves as kids and as adults.  


We founded our school on the four leadership values of Courage, Commitment, Integrity and Wisdom.  And since then we achieved some amazing things....  we have opened 3 locations, won state and national titles at Olympic sparring, became coaches, became referees, got married, had children and have seen many students achieve their black best and beyond.  It has been a great honor to see our students grow from little kids, to strong teens, to successful adults.  We continue this tradition with our own kids now, and we would love for you to join us continue achieving amazing things !

EST 2007


Meet The Team

Benjamin Silaphet

Head Master Instructor

Smithfield | Sydney CBD

Denny Tran

Head Master Instructor


Johnny Tran

Black Belt Instructor


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Trish Polak

Koryo Director

Head Office




Taekwondo is a martial art known for it's kicks and for it's place as a sport in the Olympics!  Taekwondo is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.  It incorporates traditional martial arts, including self defense, as well as sports sparring and fitness training.  Taekwondo is a great all round martial arts for everyone.



Muay Lao Kick Boxing is the traditional martial art of Laos.  It's is know for it's hard kicks and ring fighting.    With a high focus on punching combinations, high and low strong kicks, our Muay Lao program is all about fitness with life skills.  Muay Lao kick boxing is suitable for children over 6 years of age and adults. All fitness levels are welcome but do expect to receive a real work out with our kick boxing program.

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Hapkido offers specific self defense training focused on using your opponents power against them, using weak spots such as joints.  Our self defense program is tailored to your needs, and we are happy to run women's group self defence classes, private self defense classes, and kicks anti-bullying self defense programs.

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Children absolutely love martial arts, it's fun, it's fast and it keeps them going.  We have a dedicated program and specialized classes for children of all ages and levels.  We recommend Taekwondo and Kick Boxing kids classes for children under 12.  Taekwondo kids classes are available from age 3 in our Pre-Kicks program.  Our core values of Courage, Committment, Integrity and Wisdom, ensure children develop confidence, leadership skills, ability to achieve under pressure and overall life skills.



Koryo martial arts offers female only classes if you do not feel comfortable joining our open classes.  Our female only program incorporates all three styles of training, including Taekwondo, Kick Boxing and Hapkido self defense.  Our female classes are a complete martial arts experience within a safe and friendly environment.



If you do not feel comfortable in group classes or want to improve in a particular area of training, we have Private Classes available in all styles, all ages and all fitness levels.  Working with our experienced, trained and accredited instructors, we will guide and assist you in achieving your goals.  The great thing about private lessons is that you can also combine them with normal school classes.  Want to brush up on some techniques? or accelerate your learning?  Private lessons are great way to get personal time with your instructor, get more in depth explanations and receive that personalised guidance.



Great martial arts school with attentive and versatile instructors who teach traditional martial arts with modern concepts. Friendly and fun classes, I recommend Koryo.

- Jane Suos - 

Koryo Martial Arts is an amazing place to train for both physical and mental strengths. Solid guidance and techniques from all the instructors so you always know you're in good hands, with an positive and friendly environment making you always feel welcome every time you step into the gym. Definitely 5/5 Stars hands down!

 - Leon Lee -